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Complete Streets

 will become a key tool for the Planning Commission, Village Council, Historic District Commission, and Main Street Franklin as we all work together to revitalize the Village Center and manage future change in a historically sensitive and sustainable way. 

will be a detailed plan that can act as a compelling narrative for grant requests from Federal, State and private resources!

 will take the guesswork out of change and apply to property owners, developers, professionals, homeowners, and business owners as they seek to enhance their property and to the Village itself as it strives to improve the Village Center.    

will keep the Village from making costly, ad hoc, one off mistakes such as crosswalks that lead into mud, inappropriate sidewalk material, and chaotic wayfaring signage.  

Complete Streets will offer a clear vision to FRANKLIN Of The FUTURE


Click the link to check out the Franklin 2020 Power Point Presentation:

 Franklin 2020 Presentation

Please click the link to review the Michigan State University - Small Town Design Initiative's Final Report:

 MSU-STDI Village of Franklin Report


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